Friday, November 19, 2010

Clear the Mantel: It's time for Shutterfly Holiday Cards

(Disclosure: I don't normally write posts in the spirit of advertising, but since this is a product I actually use and love, I'm making an exception. :)

A few years ago, JC made me a card on from the pumpkin for father's day. I was so impressed by the quality of it, that I... well, that years later, I remember it was from Shutterfly!

(Actual card featured in a dramatic re-enactment)

Good looking card, good lookin' kid.

Having been a Kodak gallery household in the past, we now only purchase products from Shutterfly because they just look better. Also, the prices are amazing -- the Folded Greeting Cards cost under a buck fifty, and look way better than anything from your local card shop. And everyone at work knows I cherish my annually-updated coffee mugs:

Year three is at the office, waiting to greet me on Monday morning

Really, this place has good quality, good service and good prices. You can't beat it. We've bought ceramic mugs, thermal mugs, cards, magnets and for the past two years, we made our holiday cards there. And as soon as the stork leaves us with baby #2, this year's card is off to Shutterfly as well. Less than 4 weeks left to go!

If you're interested in getting some photo cards or gifts this holiday season, check them out. Need some links? Kabam! Invitations, holiday cards, Desk calendars, Hanukkah cards, Christmas ornaments and more.

One more incentive? JC, my deal-finder-extraordinaire, says that all cards are currently 20%-30% off (as of 11/19/10). Free shipping with $30 purchase, code SHIP30.

Shutterfly Folded card from 2008... has it really been that long?