Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Beating the little hater

When I'm drinking my morning coffee and perusing the morning edition of the internet, it always amazes me when I find something that really resonates. You know those "you too?" moments that we have when someone posts something you thought was your own little cross to bear? I found this this morning via my week+ backlog of feeds.

[ link ]

23 open browser windows? delays between postings? The perfectionist vibe psyching you out? I completely understand. My little hater is a real scutch.

My little hater says:

  1. "Somebody already posted that (and said it better than you could)."
  2. "You're not nearly as clever as you'd like to think you are"
  3. "You used to be much funnier."
  4. "Everyone else's pictures look so much more professional than yours"
You might not know it, but I went to school for art. It's amazing I made it out alive, with so much energy spent on worrying about what others think. As for beating my little hater, these are the things most likely to succeed:
  1. Work fast (the more time you have to think, the more time to overthink).
  2. Work often (momentum can be your best friend or your biggest roadblock)
  3. Stop watching that TV!
  4. Don't think about the next "big idea" -- post two small ideas instead.
Our little girl is less that 11 weeks away from the big move. While it may not translate into more activity on this blog, I am going to be getting things done (and being productive). Setting up the baby area (are there a lot of baby rooms in Manhattan?), putting together some furniture, and ...picking a real name for Sprout. :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas cards and uncluttering gift ideas

A little less than 10 years ago, I had to answer that annual question that some people love to answer and other people hate to answer: what do you want for your birthday? I fall in the latter category.

I've always felt very fortunate to have all that I need in life at a given day, and as an apartment dweller, space is always at a premium. I decided to ask for an "experience", big or small. Something that wasn't a "thing." The idea wasn't well received. My sister took the challenge and got me two books: "Short Escapes Near New York City" and "Short Bike Rides in and around New York City". While books are technically things, the spirit of the idea was there. DW and I recently used one of them on a trip to Shelter Island and Mystic, CT.

That brings me this great series of Christmas season posts from Unclutterer: consumable gift giving.

2007 Unclutterer Gift Giving Guide:
(Contents, with direct links to the featured parts)

I really like the ideas of consumable giving (things that we need, will be used up and then don't take up space), though the idea of making them "gift-worthy" requires a little creativity.

And if you've got x-acto blades lying around your house, here are some great card ideas, via lifehacker: DIY Christmas Cards [lifehacker]
The evergreen card whispers in my ear: "I look easy, but you're going to pull your hair out trying to make one that looks as elegant as me." Game on, Mr. Douglas fir... Game on.