Sunday, August 12, 2007

HP delivers on ink cartridge recycling made easy

I've had an ink-jet printer for years, and had the highest ambitions to recycle the empty cartridges. Staples once had a "free ream of paper for an empty cartridge" promotion at one point, which I meant to capitalize on. I never did of course. I've become such a paper nazi over the past few years, that the 88-brightness copy machine paper would have caused more unused clutter in the house anyway. I'm sure there's an empty set of CMYK sitting somewhere in my house with a dust layer an inch thick.

I bought a new printer a few months ago, and this weekend had to replace the ink. Lo and behold, attached to the new cartridges were folded up envelopes asking me to send back my empties!

Step 1. Cut a hole Place 1 or 2 empty HP inkjet cartridges in this envelopes without additional packaging or notes.
Step 2. Carefully seal envelope (no licking, just sticking -ed.)
Step 3. Mail postage paid envelope back to HP.

Sure, there's no reward, but it takes about 3 seconds longer than putting it right in the trash. And then the the warm fuzzy which lasts a lifetime (or at least as long as it takes to print a full sheet photo at max resolution).

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