Saturday, May 24, 2008

$6 movies in Manhattan??

Long gone are the days of the $3 $4 $5 theater at 50th street at 8th avenue. Man, I loved that place. I just accepted the fact that movies are going to cost $10 $11 $11.75 in Manhattan. So imagine my shock when DW and I went to a movie one morning and it totaled $12. Did Manhattan suddenly get matinee prices??

Loews/AMC theaters (which is absorbing almost every theater in Manhattan) have a program called A.M.Cinemas, where films before noon on Friday, Saturday and Sundays (and holidays) are $4, $5 or $6 depending on where you live. First run movies are included -- and even the IMAX at 68th is reduced ($10 vs $16 I think).

The theaters are a little more empty (as you might imagine at 10am on the weekends), but this makes it a little more family friendly or accommodating to groups who have that pesky request of sitting together. (Anyone who's gone to a movie with one person and still had to split up knows the utter frustration there). Even new parents who might want to try to take in a movie needn't risk of dropping $24 to leave 15 minutes in should a crying fit set in. Just ask darling daughter, who accompanied us to the new Indiana Jones flick this morning -- and didn't make a peep! We considered this a successful test run in case any NYC-centered movie should come out next weekend... :)

link: A.M.Cinemas Program


Kitty said...

whoa, interesting. I will have to let Mark know, since he's taking a job break right now.
I'm shocked to see prices fall for once. Geesh!

I. M. Bitter said...

Wow!! Thanks for the notice :) Note to self: Go to the movies early.