Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring in the City

While Christmas may be the most glitzy time of year to be in New York City, Spring is definitely the prettiest. Trees are blossoming, grass is covering up the muddy spots created during winter, flowers are blooming and hiding the rat holes, it's warm but not hot enough to make heat rise from the sidewalks or the garbage smell: it's a glorious time to be in the city! Below are some pictures from the many excursions we've had over the last week while Columbia was on break and the weather was nice.


Laura said...

It looks beautiful, and your daughter looks so happy :)

JC said...

Thanks Laura! When Columbia took the picture of Pumpkin he was frustrated that she was blurry in the pic. I think it was one of those happy mistakes - a perfect photo for the post and I got to sneak in a shot of our cutie!

City.Girl.Em said...

The trees are truly breathtaking. You are so fortunate to be living in NYC. Wish it were me.