Monday, July 30, 2007

Travel without Limits

Ooooh, I do enjoy that TransitChek. Pre-tax dollars go onto an ATM card which can be used at the Metrocard ATMs to buy unlimited or pay-per-ride metrocards. I've had a version of transit check for the past 7 years, and it's always been convenient. Since it's money I didn't otherwise see, my already paid unlimited metrocards are like tokens from heaven.

And then there's summer.

DW and I both work for the DOE, and as such we have that nice bit of time called summer vacation. I usually work a good portion of it, but this year we thought it would be nice to have time together off as a couple.

Trying to be somewhat wise with our money, we don't buy unlimiteds during the summer. We tend to travel sporadically, leave the city for a few days here and there, and generally go as the wind takes us. Today it made me aware that with a pay-per-ride metrocard, I make use of the city very differently than I do with the unlimited.

Today we had some errands in the early morning to take care of, but are now at home relaxing. Never quite content to relax, I start thinking about what I might do with this free afternoon...

Me: I could go to [Trader Joes*] and look around. Of course, I probably won't buy anything. And that'd cost 4 bucks that I really don't need to spend.
(*Replace Trader Joes with any other time-passing excursion.)

I love the neighborhood I'm in, and it's surprisingly complete at meeting my everyday needs. It's a shame though, that I'm denying myself the other 98% of the city just to save four measly dollars.


Mary Alice said...

It is about time! I've been waiting FOREVER for a post from you. (OK, a week.)

I. M. Bitter said...

Oooohhhh!!! Can I relate to that! For the first year I lived in the City, I lived within a few minutes walk from work. = No need for an unlimited Metro card.

When I moved to the Upper-upper-upper-West Side, I started to see more of the city for just the reasons you mentioned.

It's nice to get out and about. lol