Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alternatives to painting?

Lately I've been really wanting to paint DD's (darling daughter, of course!) bedroom area, but am also aware that our days in this place may be numbered -- less than 9 months, actually. Subtract two days for painting and "unpainting". I've toyed around with the idea of adding color through non-painting means -- stencils, those runners that come on a roll like wall-paper, or something more non-traditional. I wonder if you have some ideas to share.

Right now, DD's room is looking kind of like this. Forgive the quick sketch from memory, but the basic elements are in: dresser, crib, shelves, and the two things on the right are DW and my closets (mirrored doors that hinge out).

The floor is an un-naturally red wood, and the dresser and combo are various shades of brown. Other than that, it's a very white room, and not very girlie at the moment -- which, may not be every man's greatest worry in the world.

Anyway, if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear it. Before I go out and start lining the walls with hello-kitty wrapping paper.


Megan said...

I know at some home improvement stores they sell "stickers" to put on the walls that can be moved around & taken off without damaging the paint. I know Lowes carries them & I've seen them online as well. In my daughter's nursery I'm planning to buy polka dots to put on her wall since we are hoping to move soon as well. Good luck to you!

Columbia said...

Hi Megan-

Thanks for the great suggestions -- polka dots is exactly the kind of creative solution I'm looking for! Thanks for the ideas. I loved checking out your blog. It's nice to meet someone with a similar time-frame (we're due in early march).

Good luck getting all those stars off your ceiling! ;)

JC said...

I've been thinking along the lines of using the rub-on transfers that are painted that you can get from ACMoore and the like. Here's an example of what I'm thinking of: As with anything, I think it all depends on the arrangement in which they're placed.

I also had a roommate who once did an amazing wall design to hang up during a child's birthday party we were organizing (how 3 single, childless girls ended up hosting a kid's birthday party is beyond me). She used different colors of construction paper for the major colors of the mermaid and then did the shading and details using markers. It was gorgeous. Art Boy Columbia might be capable of this type of work and it could then always be taken to the new place as well.

Kitty said...

I agree with the sticker idea. Here's a link to some vinyl ones that are colorful and fun here

A colorful area rug would be nice, too. A rug always defines a room nicely.