Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yankee Stadium Old and New

DW and I had to go up to Lehman College this morning for a staff meeting. We were en route via the B train, when I realized that the 4 would get us closer. The clincher to make a mid-route line switch? The chance to see what's visible from 161st Street: Yankee Stadium.

It's coming along, but the whole trip up was sad for us. The trip from 161st to Lehman passes by the school where we met (which is closing), DW's old address from when we first courted, and Yankee Stadium preparing for it's last season with the team. Even the team that brought back Clemens will get no extra seasons with the house that Babe built.

(click for a higher-res version)

The silver lining on this cloud is a gift DW gave me for Christmas: A gift certificate, redeemable at the Yankee Stadium box office for at least one last game in the old stadium, and DD's first game. And DW made sure we'd have the most important bases covered:
Pics by me from the 4 train, 161st station, and DD's room. :)

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