Thursday, June 26, 2008

Farewell, sweet nalgene, farewell my lunchbag...

Greenie is history.

For the past few years, I've taken a lunchbag to work, on those day that I don't plan to embrace the lure of cheap chinese food. A dual-leveled piece of genius, I keep my Nalgene bottle up top, and my edibles down below. Yesterday, I realized at 168th street that my load was a bit lighter than usual. I left my lunchbag on a bench in the 181st street train station. In it, a fork, a disposable tupperware, and a half-empty nalgene bottle.

I got off, and waited for the next uptown A, getting more and more nervous as downtown A's passed... Is some scoundrel having their way with my bag on that train? I finally got back up to 181 and found my bag had grown legs and walked to the garbage can. Although, not in the garbage can, but on the floor next to it. ...?!? I opened it up. Fork? Check. Tupperware? Check. nalgene bottle? Alas, poor tankard, you've served me well...

I took the bag a couple of stations, thinking about what vile nastiness it was sitting in, and acknowledging the age and wear of it... I took the fork, chucked the rest. The last day of school starts without my trusty companion. But also, with out the BPAs. With all this talk about the chemicals leaching out of the number 7 recyclables, I figured this is a good opportunity to find a better solution.

The hunt begins. It'll start with looking at sigg bottles (thanks Bitter!), or maybe BPA-free nalgenes... Other suggestions?

I'm sorry I let you down, Greenie.

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Dagny said...

I switched to a Sigg bottle six months ago and I love it. Up until then, I had been using Nalgene as well, but the chemicals do concern me. Good luck and I hope your new bottle serves you as well as the last one did.

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