Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dancing your way to a greener you!

"If 10,000 NY Biters turn off their A/C for three hours, two nights a week, we'll save enough collective cash to buy 475 pairs of dance shoes."

While I may not be into dancing, the idea of saving money to buy more shoes sure is alluring! (You'll now note that this is Columbia's DW writing, as Columbia doesn't buy more than 3 pairs of shoes a year.) The fact above came from ideal bites, a site dedicated to providing bite sized tips for living a greener lifestyle. This is the perfect amount for me... too much information and I'll never remember it! Better yet, they'll even email me their daily tip! You can sign up for their regular daily tip or one just for New Yorkers (like the one above).

Thanks to Heather at Freebies 4 Mom for spoiling me with another free idea! Now maybe I should take DD out and introduce her to Filene's Shoe Department...


Susu said...

Just found your blog:) Little drops make the ocean. I have so much trouble refusing the part-of-the-deal plastic bag at pharmacies here in Paris. You say 'no thanks' and two minutes later they try to scoot your purchases in it again. And you repeat 'non merci'.

Dagny said...

I love Ideal Bite. I've subscribed for a while now. I agree with short bits of info staying alive in the memory.

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