Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's New in New York City: BurritoVille Reopens!

I think I hear the angels singing in heaven: BurritoVille is open again! At least the one on Water Street is, according to When Columbia first wrote about their closing, we never thought we'd see our old friends again. The wiki on them reports many more will be opening soon:

The Financial District location (36 Water Street) that re-opened on July 6, 2009 is just the first of several planned locations in New York City and throughout the country. In NYC, many of the new locations will be at or near the old stores. (Planned locations are 226 West 23rd Street and 36 Seventh Avenue).

I'm crossing my fingers for the one on West 72nd Street to open again. Pumpkin needs a Vegetarian Sloppy Joe with tofu sour cream! (Or at least her Mama does. ;)


Jenni said...

There's a sign at the 8th Ave and 23rd St location that says burritoville coming soon:-) They have definitely been missed! Soy beef burrito por favor!

Joe Gallagher said...

The re-opened Burritoville on 23rd stinks. It is not the old one that I missed so much. No more chip and salsa bar and the salsa they give you is some of the worst ive ever had. Terrible. Menu is truncated and bad. sad. sad. sad.

Anonymous said...

The new Burritoville is NOTHING like the old one. There is not one grain of rice that's the same! The food is horrible. The old Burritoville had REAL ingredients that were made there. This new one is just plain gross. If you're a die hard Burritoville person, you'll hate this bad impostor.

Chris said...

The 23rd Street one doesn't even have horchata!

What the same, aside from the logo?