Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Waste not, Want not... well, at least waste not

"The average U.S. houehold throws out nearly a quarter of the fruits and vegetables they buy" states an AP article on cnn. The statistic is staggering. There are so many reasons to be disgusted, and yet we are partly to blame. New York is filled with stores and carts flaunting their fresh produce on the sidewalk making it impossible not to ogle and drool. Our beloved Fairway Market is one of the best... worst?

One of the ways Columbia and I are stretching our bucks is to make a list before shopping and buy only what's on the list. This is tough, but it's worse to find yourself throwing out moldy strawberries. It's money wasted and we could have eaten it. Occasionally we end up eating odd combinations (doesn't everybody eat chili and butternut squash together?) but the pride in using up our purchases makes it go down easier.

[photo used under the CC license. photo links to photographer]

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