Monday, September 22, 2008

News from the Street Fair

We had a great time Sunday at the Columbus Avenue Festival. I was excited to meet Helen Rosenthal, a chairperson for community board 7. Hopefully that will lead to more local info here. I asked if there was a community calendar to speak of, but she said not right now. If that changes I'll find a way to post it here.

We did well with spending too, spending $9.25 of our $10 budget. That's three shiny quarters that will inevitably go to feeding our washing machine's endless appetite.

I'm certain that when I hold up the camera, half the street runs on to the sidewalk. This doesn't really let you feel how packed it can get.

Ummm, hello? It's no longer your little secret. I mean, c'mon guys -- you really blew that one.

Ohhhh corn meal and mozzarella never tasted so good. I had to pass this time though -- those things'll kill ya.

We did get our $6 quart of half-sour pickles from the good doctor. I really thought he was mister pickles, but I guess he went back to school since last year. Good for him, really. JC and I will not deny that education is important.

...Pumpkin sums up the afternoon better than I ever could.

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