Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Magic? Maybe, but definately worth free.

One of the ways I have been stretching those bucks is by requesting free items online. Thanks to several helpful bloggers and the true magic of autofill for web forms , I can complete the forms relatively quickly while Pumpkin is napping. What good is one free sample? Well, a cereal sample often becomes a snack. Last week I got a roll of tp, one less to buy. I want to believe it all helps a little. It also lets me try out new items without paying for them.

That was the case today. I tried out the the Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean. I found out about the sample during a Freebie Friday at the The Motherload and thought it a good opportunity to try it out. With Columbia home today and Pumpkin happily playing in her Jumperoo, I attacked the kitchen wall. The box cautioned against using on high-gloss paint, so I hoped it would work on the semi-gloss of the kitchen, and the matte in the hallway that is our kitchen extension. It did a really good job on getting off coffee stains, bangs from the gazelle that was previously been stowed there (who else but New Yorkers would keep a gazelle folded up in their kitchen?) and a myriad of other messes that somehow appeared there in the last 3 years. With relatively little scrubbing, they all came off.

Then Columbia pointed out we had clean spots on the wall. What? Yeah. The Magic Eraser did such a good job that it cleaned the marks off of the wall and left the rest of the area showing 3 years of wear. I attacked the bottom half with the eraser and Columbia (bless his soul) got the top half with a damp towel. We had destroyed the magic eraser in the process, but the wall became surprisingly clean.

I did try to clean an area by the stove with a damp towel afterward. That worked, too, but it did seem to take a bit more elbow grease and my arm was already sore for the day.

Would I use the Magic Eraser again? Yes... if I got another freebie or a really good deal. I searched Freebies 4 Mom and found out about another Magic Eraser freebie. The Mr. Clean site was being especially cranky today but I did register for there site and write a blip about using the eraser today. Once their site was cooperating it took only a few minutes. I got this interesting message after I posted:

Thank you! You have successfully submitted your story for this product. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours for your story to appear. All submissions will be reviewed by the sponsor. Those deemed inappropriate, or not in accordance with product usage instructions, will not be posted and the registrant will not receive a free mini Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. If your story is accepted you will receive your free mini magic eraser in approximately 8-10 weeks.

*While supplies last*
Wow. I now feel like I'm waiting to get accepted for college. I guess the wait time and their caution is for the best, as we all know what happens to a website left un-moderated. I'll be happy to get another magic eraser, but I think I'll stick to the simple freebie request forms for now.

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