Thursday, April 26, 2007

Better alternative to Nalgene?

From DW:

...I'm also thinking that maybe I should just get some type of nalgene bottle instead of buying the liter water bottles. I think reusing them is a good step, but I could do more...

DW is thinking that using all these water bottles (refilling, actually) is not the move, and is considering a Nalgene bottle. I know these have been a staple of America's educated granola-types for years, but I thought that there must be something better at this point. Plus, they're (petroleum-based) plastic, so I'd rather avoid them if possible. Of course, if it's the de facto standard, I might have to accept it.

Stainless steel seems like the obvious runner up, but I hate drinking water from metal - just doesn't taste right. And to get any insulation properties, we're going to have to add glass or bulk (for air). If you have a bottle you swear by, please let me know in the comments.

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