Thursday, April 12, 2007

New York Sidewalk Astronomy

DW and I were walking home from a church event and passed two guys with radios and telescopes on 72nd and Broadway. They looked like they were looking to be friendly, so I made NY-Safe-eye-contact with one and he said "We're looking at Saturn, do you want to see?" I took a gander through his telescope, and sure enough, there's this little white dot with a white ring around it -- looked almost like a cartoon! He gives me a business card with "New York Sidewalk Astronomy" and a slew of other info (including a distance chart for all the planets on the flip side). It made me wonder if there were other corners of the city that night with amateur astronomers sharing this amazing view with other new yorkers. Great opportunity for kids too. :)

If you're interested, there were two links on the card, so here they are:
NY Sidewalk Astronomy
Amateur Astronomers Assoc. of NY

Posted picture used under creative commons license from Flikr user Waifer X.

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