Thursday, April 26, 2007

How do citydwellers plant trees? Hire someone!

I told you that DW came away from Al Gore's talk feeling like "what can we do as city dwellers?" We already use mass-transit every day, we don't drive, we have no control over our heating (cooling is another issue), and we can't plant trees. Actually, now we can! (And it doesn't mean digging holes in central park after midnight, an undertaking I would strongly discourage.)

DW found this last night -- I think from Oprah possibly. Here's an email I received from my wife :)
I think it sounds like a good ides, & it goes with my problem of how do city dwellers plant trees.

Thanks for looking at it. =)

Love you!
She's been wanting to get everyone trees (new baby, birthday, new home, marriage, heck -- arbor day???) but acknowledges that not everyone can buy seeds and plant a maple/elm/magnolia/birch/sycamore/etc. tree in their back yard. So this site will plant one for you, per month, for a membership of ten cents a day. Not bad!

If you have questions (and I want to do a little more research on these bold claims before I support) check out the Greendimes FAQ.

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