Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To Do: Finish Getting things Done (GTD)

According to my local Borders' search receipt/bookmark, it looks like I bought Getting Things Done almost a month ago, and have yet to finish it. It's funny how people sell books to those looking to manage their time, when it's the time to read the book they don't have. I have faith that the read will payoff in spades, assuming I get to the last page.

I try to read on the subway when I get the time, and Saturday morning I go through a few pages -- I'm just at the point where I can visualize what he's actually talking about. From the 43 folders GTD forum, It came as a great relief that not everyone implements the process during the first read, as I was beginning to get down on myself about it. I found it particularly difficult to set up an inbox on the 1 train during rush hour. I guess that won't be my home base for this implementation.

While I'm not done, sites like lifehacker and simple dollar don't let you get through a day without mentioning some great piece of GTD software, new GTD hacks, or some gotta-have-it gizmo like an uber-sexy space pen to go with my new hipster PDA.

I also am not about to run out and spend all my nickels on a file cabinet for something I may decide was not the best program for me. Looking for a low-cost solution was definitely a priority. That's why this post was such a relief:

How to Make a GTD System for About $20

$20 is something I can work with. After getting buying into the safety razor hype at the simple dollar, I need to watch my wallet from blog-lusting.

Anyway, I'm on page 144 -- I hope to be done in the next week or so. While I've been trying to do more 2-minute-or-less items as they come into my life (which has been helpful in increasing productivity) I'm eager to finish and begin the actual process. Until then, I'm just delaying gathering all of my open loops... God, what a frightening endeavor...

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