Thursday, June 7, 2007

100 things about me (x.25)

This idea most recently stolen from Two Write Hands and Susan's Sister. So sue me. I'll try to fit the 100 items within the theme of a home in the city.

  1. I grew up on Long Island, but I don't tawk funny, thank gawd.
  2. I moved to Brooklyn in 1995.
  3. I moved to Woodside in 1999.
  4. I moved to the East Village in 2000.
  5. I moved to the Upper West Side in 2001.
  6. I left the city on September 11th and felt like I was abandoning it.
  7. I used to be a big time Flash developer for a company in Brooklyn.
  8. I quit to become a teacher.
  9. I once lost a lot of weight and then put it all back on.
  10. My wife met me when I was skinny.
  11. She married me when I wasn't.
  12. We taught in the same school in the Bronx.
  13. Some days I taught art.
  14. Other days I called in sick.
  15. My cats are cuter than your cats.
  16. I took a girl geocaching on a first date.
  17. Two and a half years later, I married her.
  18. When DW is sick I make her Italian Wedding Soup.
  19. I love The Cottage on Amsterdam.
  20. I used to love the Chirping Chicken on Amsterdam.
  21. I now love Lite Delite on Amsterdam.
  22. I have no clue what's north of 81st on Columbus.
  23. I make the best tasting yogurt.
  24. I have good veins for giving blood.
  25. I'm terrified that someday I'll have to leave Manhattan.
Kitty at NY Portraits posted this humbling NYC observation:
There’s the feeling that there are 10 people waiting for you to leave, whether it be your place on line, your job or your apartment. [link]

>sigh< There are the first 25, in no coherent order. More to come.


Two Write Hands said...

I love the first one!! :) Can't wait to read the rest of 'em when you get 'em posted.

JC said...

Lite Delight is actually on Columbus, not Amsterdam. But in your defense it's between 85th & 86th, so you really don't know what's north of 81st St on Columbus. =)

Mary Hilton said...

Nice getting to know you. I would argue my kitty Mimi might be as cute as yours, espcially since she has lost much weight since moving to NYC ;-) She and I both love it here so much we have fear we might be forced to leave one day, but I truly believe if a place makes you this happy it is meant to be!