Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Free books for Kids this summer

Barnes & Noble is having a promotion this summer where kids read 8 books and they get one free. The books can be from the library or borrowed from a friend, so this isn't a buy 8 get one free kind of deal. It's a read 8 get one free kinda deal. Buy none, get one free... you get the idea.

Here are the shortened rules, go to the link for the fine print.

  1. Kids read any eight books of their own choosing
  2. They write about their favorite part of each book on a Summer Reading Journal form.
  3. Bring the completed journal to a B&N bookstore between May 29th and September 2nd, 2007.
  4. They get a coupon for a FREE book! (choose from a list of titles.)
Pretty sweet deal, and good encouragement to keep reading this summer. This is a good time to remind you to get your orders in for Book 7!

link: Summer Reading in the Magic Tree House

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