Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yankees Game Upset

DW and I went to the game on Friday night. We had bought tickets to see the Yanks at Tampa Bay while we'll be down there and saw that tickets for the Mets/Yankees game were on sale. Assuming they'd be sold out, we tried. Sure enough, they were there and we got great seats! Four rows in! Take a look!

Oh, wait... that was the Mets / Diamondbacks game that we were given great seats for. Four rows off the field. Here are the seats we got Friday, also four rows in:

Yeah, bad seats on paper, but we would never care. Baseball is baseball, and there really aren't any bad seats in Yankee Stadium. We can now attest to this. ;) It is a hike up to the section, but you can still watch all the action pretty clearly.

Since we were really psyched to see a fun, "premium" game, we came ready to cheer on our boys. Of course, when the visiting team can come via subway so can all of its fans. And they did. It started out good natured enough, but took a turn for the mean-spirited really fast. We cheered, they hissed, they scored, we got to take all of the verbal abuse.

While our failure to perform didn't help curtail the smack-talk, we were surrounded by some really arrogant and obnoxious Mets fans. I would expect this kind of banter at a Red Sox game, but we're New York vs. New York already! Where's the respect for the big apple? To top it off, I was sitting next to an 11-year-old who kept yelling in his manliest pre-pubescent squeal, "Stop it! Stop it! This isn't your house! Be quiet!!" Oh, the memories of being a child dorkus.

We did win the next two games so I should really get over it. DW hopes the Mets fans will have learned their lessons, and become more respectful and responsible citizens. I, on the other hand, hope someone spilled mass amounts of beer on them and their dumb smug smirks. But that's just me.


kitty said...

I love the Yankees but I don't watch them enough.
Mark and I saw the almost no-hitter a couple months ago. An awesome game.

I have to say I like the Mets, too (from that one World Series, was it? Or something). The fans sound a little much!

I. M. Bitter said...

OOooooo! I so need to get tickets to a game!

Jealously yours (even though you were on the back row),