Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blood money & Is Al Gore Superman? (plus others)

Last Thursday was the last day I was able to go through my feeds, and it looks like there's no chance of getting out from under them. I definitely need to scan more and read less. Though personal blogs (especially nyc-based) vs. link-a-day blogs have recently become like peppermint candies for my soul.

On that note, here are my link-a-day links for today.
First three links come from Keetsa.

Enterprise is forming a fleet of green cars

I always want to rent a hybrid when we rent, but it never has been an option. I think the cost of the car is prohibitive for rental companies, but I guess that's changing. Enterprise, by the way, is my car rental company of choice. Not just because they usually have good deals going on, but the one in Yonkers will pick you up from the end of the 1 train. Spend $2 on the train and save about half of what it costs to rent at your local NYC location. Plus, while we wait for the pick-up, DW and I grab an iced coffee at the Dunkin' Donuts.
...and I might partake in a chocolate creme filled cover-your-mug-with-powdered-sugar heart-attack-in-a-fluffy-ball-of-fried-goodness donut. mmmm, donuts.

Solar Electrical Vehicles creates solar roof for Prius Owners
Such a slick addition to the already stylish Prius, the company "Solar Electric Vehicles" will create a solar panel for your Prius that adds the ability for 20 miles of solar-powered-driving per day. The cost of the option is supposed to be recouped in about 2-3 years (who knows with gas prices), but that's also 2-3 years that you're putting 29% less emissions into the air.

Al Gore installs solar panel roof in his nashville home
Like the fabled son of Krypton, Al Gore too gets his power from the Earth's sun. For Gore, this should have been a no-brainer, but better now than never. Apparently the house features upgrades that are LEED-certified (green) and act as a model of energy efficiency. The renovations come in the wake of the Gore's being chastised for having higher-than-normal electric bills. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the oil (vegetable based, of course).

When we were in Long Beach Island this past weekend, I noticed a good number of buildings had solar panels installed on their roofs. I thought it was such a good sign to make them public and start conversation where there might not have been before. Of course, if anyone should be concerned about global warming, those who have multi-million dollar homes sitting 500 feet off the Atlantic would be at the top of the list.

Thank You Blood Donors
A few weeks ago the school I work in had a blood drive. It had been about 5 years since I did it, so I thought I was definitely due for a donation. Yesterday I get this card in the mail telling me, "give blood this summer and win fabulous prizes!" Now, I probably shouldn't ask to be rewarded for a donation (and you can opt out of the prize round if you just want to give), but what the heck? They win, I win... Though in the back of my head, I know this might be one to be filed under "morally grey".

By the way, this "Drippy the Clot" character kinda gives me the creeps.

(Update: Rewards from the gold level include $50gift cards to Mobile, Barnes & Noble, and Home Depot... Morally grey just got a whole lot greyer...)


m38967 said...

Hi---there: Thanxs for the linky to Keetsa!, we appreciate it. Yes, Al Gore, has become a hero of sorts to us green lovers everywhere. btw, my sister-in-law is an English third grade teacher in Chicago, what subjects do you teach? Missy.

Columbia said...

Your most welcome for the link -- I can't keep up with how much great info you guys post daily!

When I was in the classroom, I taught Art to K-5 students in the Bronx. For the past three years, I work for the Region (like a district) runinng the regional website and doing tech professional development for teachers. Not a bad gig!