Saturday, June 23, 2007

A successful surgery, the party that wasn't and a fri-date

What a week. I had an interview, DW had two, and I've been hustling to try to get things finished up for the year. This Friday comes at the end of a infinitely long week.

DW's dad had surgery today, which had a successful outcome. It's added to the stress of the week (especially since she couldn't be there), but we're both just grateful it's over and he's alright. We'll probably take a trip out this summer to see them in western PA.

Today was also the end of the year luncheon for my technology team. Since my team is disbanding, it's also the final goodbye for a lot of those people. My sole office-mate of three years is moving to Las Vegas in August, so that's a goodbye of sorts too. We went out to meet with other Dept. of Ed. tech nerds to have a goodbye drink for him, but this year attendance was slim. It was a nice time to chat anyway, and say our macho, emotionless goodbyes.

I got home to a Fri-date! DW took me to a fine dinner (Gray's Papaya) and then to see a movie -- Knocked Up. Our favorite TV show is probably How I Met Your Mother (or heroes), and we fell in love with the DVD of Freaks and Geeks -- so if you are a fan, you'll recognize lots of familiar faces/talent. The movie was a little uneven*, and crass at points, but a cute enough movie for a Friday night. After the movie, we went to The View at the top of the Marriot Marquis in Times Square. We had never been, and had a gift card from Christmas. Nice date night. :)

I feel like I have other things to talk about (Jury Duty, interviews, Google and more) but I am exhausted. After a few zzzz's and my weekend omelet, I'll be back in business.

* We were called to see this movie maybe 5 or so times in pre-release -- I can't imagine how much was changed, as a few things made me think "this was the best take they got??", etc. I'll talk about how to see free movies one of these days too.

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kitty said...

glad to hear the surgery went well.
the word 'surgery' is a scary one.

dates are nice too!