Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Choosing a Green ESCO

Two nice Con Ed tips, from my most recent bill. I plan to use the 1st tip during air conditioner season.

A 7% Discount For You.
Receive a 7% discount off the Con Edison price for energy supply for 2 months when you purchase energy from an energy services company (ESCO) with PowerMove. To enroll with a participating ESCO, call 1-877-MOVE-234. (1-877-668-3234) or go to today.

Here's a cool idea to help stay comfortable, use energy efficiently and get more value for your money. Get a FREE programmable thermostat from Con Edison for your central air-conditioning system before summer begins. For more information and to receive a thermostat call 1-866-521-8600 or visit

What are my options?
Con Ed suggests the following. These are part of their program, and you are billed through con ed. Since you're going to get a basic service charge from con ed anyway, I prefer fewer bills.
  • Accent Energy (
    • Wind and water power from New York State.
    • GoGreen is a mix of 75% hydro (water) and 25% wind
    • GoGreen Premium is 100% wind
    • Fixed (1,2 and 3 years) and variable rates available. (I'll post rates when I receive info.)
  • Con Edison Solutions (
    • $25 Rebate - Sign up for GREEN Power and receive a $25.00 rebate.
    • Elimination of Sales Tax - the New York State sales tax on the delivery portion of your utility bill is fully eliminated (no tax) for purchasing energy from an energy services company, such as ConEdison Solutions.
    • Fixed Rate - Available - You can choose a fixed rate that is easy to understand and is guaranteed not to increase during your contract termEasy Billing - We include our electricity supply charges on your regular utility bill. You will still make just one monthly payment to your utility, but the bill will conveniently itemize your delivery charges and ConEdison Solutions’ clean electricity supply charges separately.
  • Econnergy (
    • About $3-15 a month to "Green" your power.
    • From the site:
      For as little as 10¢ a day, you can show you care enough to make a difference. Based upon recent statistics, 100 kWhs generated from fossil fuels creates 120 pounds of greenhouse gases, or is the air-quality equivalent of driving a gas for over a hundred miles, or cutting down 8 trees. When you sign up for 100% wind power from Econnergy, you may pay only an extra three dollars on your utility bill, but over the course of a year, you effectively walked instead of driving for 1200 miles, and planted nearly 100 trees!
  • Energetix (
    • You can go half green here. Probably saves you a little green too. Requires a call to get any information. Update tomorrow.
  • Sterling Planet (
    • From what I can tell, you still buy at con ed's going rate, but you pay a $10-15 supplement each month to Sterling to provide Green power into the grid. I'll get more info tomorrow.
  • IDT Energy (
    • I think this is the same deal -- you buy a block which is fed to the grid. More like "supporting green" then paying for the KWH that you use.

Caveat Emptor:
If you decide to call any of these guys, be careful with your account number. Don't provide it unless necessary, or you wish to switch. It could be all you need, and some ESCOs require a commitment/contract.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

another company you can try is MxEnergy. I just enrolled and they don't have any contracts or cancellation fees. My contact rep is Kristi Chacon, she can answer any questions you might have.. she is awesome. Her number is 800-480-5192 ext 3252 or you can e-mail her

I have saved almost 20% or so on my utilites because I switched!

Anonymous said...

Nice post there anonymous... I called MXenergy and experienced long hold times, variable prices that were almost the same as ConEd, a fixed rate plan that made no sense (19.9c/kwh...that's a rediculously high rate to lock into when in winter months your rate is usually like 10-12cents), and there's a $150 cancellation fee. was the most professional company I called (13 of them) and had the best fixed rate - only 14.5!

Anonymous said...

FYI... I'm not sure if everyone here is residential or small business, but i'm a sm-B, and my fixed rate for a 1 yr contract is 00.1179/kwh.

Anonymous said...

I've been using IDT, assuming that they are a 'Green ' company. Turns out that my carbon footprint is something like 153 % of the average NY State consumers'. Not a 'green' company at all it seems. They are going door to door, telling people they are green, when they are really providing 0% solar, 8% hydro and 1% wind. Thank you for providing alternatives.