Sunday, May 13, 2007

My job in a past life

I've mentioned that I'm a tech staff developer for the NYC Department of Ed, but I haven't mentioned that the grant that funds my position (Title IID, enhancing education through technology) is at the end of its 3-year run. On top of that, I work for a region (there are 10 across the city), and the regions are being dissolved. This leaves our fair hero with an impending change of scenery come September.

My work now is mostly running the regional website, and occasionally training teachers to use various technologies. I learned a lot during the first two years of the grant, but this year I'd updated the site to give moderator-status to others. In doing so, I have basically put myself out to pasture in workload and mental stimulation. The programming thrill there is gone, and the prospect of new challenges is very appealing.

Prior to the DOE, I worked as a flash developer focusing on interactivity and animation. While I was pretty god at my job, my flash skills haven't remained competitive. Returning to the private sector has a number of pros (better pay being the main one) and cons (loss of DOE benefits and schedule). I don't think I'm ready to rejoin the 9-5, but I can't rule it out as a possibility. Of course, I've been out of the classroom so long I don't think I could return to that position either.

So I delay and procrastinate, and wait for the sweet deal to land in my lap. Or I wait too long and end up a day-to-day substitute teacher. Either way, I'll likely get an ulcer in the process.

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