Saturday, May 5, 2007

Why live in NYC?

When I talk to people about living in NYC, I sometimes think that we don't take enough of the city for granted. We don't go to clubs or Broadway shows, nor the art scene or nearly enough museums. So why do we want to stay so badly? Here's my list of why NYC beats the burbs.

  1. The ability to be car free. No car means no pollutants, no car insurance, car payments, gas costs, maintenance, etc.
  2. Access to great public transportation. You can't really have number 1 without this. Ours runs 24/7 and for the whopping total of $76 a month. Better for the environment too.
  3. Central Park. For running, bird watching, or relaxing, it's so close and so easy to spend 20 minutes or an hour. Our walk there is about 5 minutes.
  4. Typically higher salaries. Unless you're a teacher. Or a pair of teachers. Oh well. It is getting better though!
  5. Museums. No matter what your interest is, there's a museum for it: modern art, photography, skyscrapers, wax celebrities, sex, New York City itself, and one museum that's actually a retired aircraft carrier. Here's a list on wiki with a few hundred more nyc museums if you're looking for one.
  6. Proximity and convenience. DW points out that we can walk and within 5 minutes be at a hardware store, a drug store, a flower shop, two bagel shops, 3 supermarkets, a handful of schools, and an unlimited number of restaurants, doctors, and stroller mommas.
  7. Opening Night Movies. We just got back from Spiderman 3 in IMAX. Opening night outside of NYC never feels right. The psychotic energy fans bring to opening night in a packed theater is such a rush. Be sure to get there early!
I'm sure I'm missing a ton. I'll post a part two eventually. If you have additions, put them in the comments.

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