Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Know Thyself

As the DW of this site, I have been told I have the privilege to post. I think my first post will sum up who this Home in the City's DW really is.

Two Important Tests to Better Understand Yourself

1 - Know Your Carbon Footprint
Whether you're making a better planet for your children or yourself, you can find out the negative impact you have on the Earth & how to improve it. While I've not actually taken the test, I'm sure this is crucial information for all of us to know.

2 - Know Your Real Age
After a series of questions about family, lifestyle & medical history I am happy to report that my real age is 1.3 years younger than my actual age. I've decided that if the site says I'm this young, this is the age I should tell people I am. The site also tells you why it's calculated this as your real age (-1.3 all due to clean living & a varied diet, the multi-vitamin helped, too) and how to make yourself even younger. I'm toying with the idea of flossing, but as long as the site says I'm 21, I thought I could live with the results. ;) Alright, alright, I'll floss.

1 comment:

Columbia said...

21 my left foot...

That would be the same left foot which is currently in my mouth.