Sunday, May 20, 2007

Homemade Yogurt

When I was a kid on Long Island, my mom used to take me to the beach with homemade yogurt. We'd sit on the boardwalk, and eat our yogurt mixed with jam, and I'd swing my feet thinking there wasn't a thing I'd rather be doing in the world.

DW loves her some yogurt, I've enjoyed a cup now and again. My rss feed for craigslist free showed that someone was giving one away. That sounds fantastic, and just my price! I never did hear back from the "seller", but after finding none we liked in the stores, and a fee+wait on amazon, I started to give up. I checked craigslist once more to see if someone by chance was selling one. And they were. Salton YM-9. $10. I heart the internets.

DW can't have dairy (cow's milk actually) but I can. The first batch I made was goat's milk (which she can do). It was runny and bitter -- not too good, but we ate it. Then we tried a soy batch, using a goat's milk yogurt starter, and that was pretty funky (but just edible). Then I made a mike-only batch -- skim milk + powered skim milk + a plain yogurt for a starter -- and it was awesome. Really tastes great and pretty easy to make. DW's latest batch comes from a recipe we found online (see link below) and this one came out great.

If you ever get the chance to try someones homemade yogurt, do it. A little jam or fruit (peach bits tonight were amazing) and granola -- it's delicious, and so nice to know that there's no added sugar, preservatives or junk.

link to yogurt maker: Salton YM9 [amazon]
link to recipe: Bryanna's Soy Yogurt Recipe Using Commercial Soymilk Only

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