Thursday, May 31, 2007

What it means to be a New Yorker

Kitty over at NY Portraits has a great site, writing about life in New York. Her recent post "On Being a New Yorkers" is a great account of how to judge a true New Yorker. Her claim: no one can live here a year and be considered a New Yorker. I'll always consider my dad a New Yorker, despite the fact that he hasn't lived here for 40 years or so.

Here are a few reasons of why I claim the title:

  • Since 1995 (when I moved from Long Island) I've had 9 different apartments
  • 7 of those were in the first 5 years
  • I've lived on floors 6, 5, 2, 1, and two basements.
  • I've lived in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. My wife holds the Bronx card. I'm pretty sure that covers all bases.
  • With a misty eye, I recall my very first roach (and the girlish squeal that followed)
  • I've done Times Square on New Year's Eve enough to know it's not worth it more than once.
  • First night out drinking was in this great city, followed by my first hangover
  • I've had a bedroom that fit a bed and not an inch more
  • I never use shopping carts
  • I never buy garbage bags
  • I've eaten my weight in recession specials.
  • I can't get enough of the brunch
  • I've got my bar, with $7 pitchers of Stella
  • I have seen shops replace shops that replaced shops in my neighborhood. (ie. 73rd and B'way: Food Emporium -> Gristedes -> Loehmans).
  • I know that my stand-by restaurant (West Side Brewery) will close one day and I will go into a serious depression.
  • I can't look at NY photos and films without trying to find out from where they were shot
Why I might not be a New Yorker:
  • I do have a driver's license (yet I'm a lousy parallel-parker)
  • I rarely pay for coffee
  • I don't go to clubs
  • I haven't seen many plays or musicals
  • I avoid art galleries
  • I'm not political
  • I don't go to the gym
  • I don't have a small dog in my bag
  • I've never been mugged or hustled
So I guess I've still got some work to do. What qualifies you as a New Yorker? Tell all in the comments.


kitty said...

Hi again
I was surprised and flattered to find my blog mentioned. Thank you!

I LOVE your list, which resonates with me completely. I found myself nodding and chuckling the whole way through.

I've seen the bathtub in the kitchen, and the bathroom where you can't shut the door when you're on the toilet. I know how two people can talk about the intimate details of a street corner. It's amazing to be able to share the city in such a way.

I particularly enjoy the environmental part of your blog. We need more of this in our lives.

btw, I'm linking your site to mine. I would have emailed you but I couldn't figure out how.

best to you, kitty

I. M. Bitter said...

Hey, I posted my list on my blog instead. Thanks for the idea. :)