Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Red-Tailed Hawks - Manhattan and Queens

Those of you that know DW and me, know that we've got a fondness for nature. We used to birdwatch regularly, but those days are few and far between right now. It's okay though, summer is coming and a little outdoors r&r is in store.

Our birdwatching adventures were kicked off by Pale Male, the red-tailed hawk who made his nest at 5th avenue. We starting watching around the time the nest was taken down (the second time), and became hooked after reading Red-Tails in Love by Marie Winn. The PBS documentary Nature - Pale Male is dreamlike; it puts visuals to the stories in Marie's book.

These past three years haven't been good to the 5th avenue pair, as none of their eggs have hatched. While it is sad, nature (and the internet) finds life in place of none.

The NYC Audubon Society has a webcam focused on a nest in Queens, with two eyasses. Check it out now though -- they're growing fast.

If you're in central park, go to the model boat pond and check out the daily air shows.

link: Queens webcam (image from Audubon site)
link: Pale Male's site
link: Marie Winn's Blog

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