Friday, May 25, 2007

Clean your fans!

If today was any indicator of what we're in for this summer, we're in for some serious heat. Our cheap-o little "Lasko Breeze Machine" felt like it wasn't pulling its weight, so I took it down and got out my screwdriver. I was hesitant to even spend the time, since there was almost no accumulation of dust. But unless the Yanks got a surprise visit from a different type of angel, I could afford to take my eyes off the game.

I took it apart (as much as possible -- if you have the oscillating type, it's even easier), washed the front, wiped the blades and the back and turned it on. Now, this appropriately named device is back to its former glory, flinging breeze like no other.

The moral? Clean your fans! You're paying the same to run them dirty or clean, even when they're not pushing air around. Get them funk-free and enjoy the early days of air conditioner season without the crazy bills.

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