Monday, October 27, 2008

Attention Television Freeloaders!

Yes, you, the one avoiding the $100+ monthly snare of cable! Yes, you, the one who has heard something about the TV signal fading to black in February but isn't too sure how it will effect you. Yes, you who now watches all of your favorite shows on Hulu, CBS Video, NBC Video, Fox Video, WB Video... ummm, need me to go on? Anyway, if you're still plugged into an antenna or some rogue co-axial cable that dangles by your bedroom window, tomorrow you'll get the chance to see how bitterly lonely the month of Feburary might be.

The traditional analog cable signal will not be broadcasted after February 19th 2009. But tomorrow, October 28th 2008, you'll get a test run of what that will be like. From 5:58pm until 6:01pm, the analog signal will go black in New York City. If you have a new-ish TV, you're probably not in for much of a show. But if your TV set is even a few years old, it's worth testing it out.

Looking on the bright side, if you decide it's time to update the set, Black Friday is just around the corner.

Photo used under creative commons license from Flickr user mariantonia.

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