Friday, October 10, 2008

Kayak and See the Waterfalls... just not at the same time

This is the last weekend for 2 FREE water activities: kayaking on the Hudson River and the Waterfalls Exhibit.

NYC Waterfalls: The exhibit ends on Monday, October 13th. The hours have been greatly reduced due to the salt water spraying on the nearby trees (yes, I'm telling the truth). The falls are now only flowing from 12:30pm - 9pm (and maybe only 5:30pm-9pm on Monday). There are several prime viewing locations, including the free ferry to Governor's Island.

Kayaking on the Hudson - Columbia and I have longed to take advantage of this free opportunity... and have missed it again this year. This is the last weekend to take advantage: so if the weather is nice (you can call ahead at 646-613-0740), head to 72nd and Hudson River between 10am and 5pm for some kayaking fun. I'm sure you'll smell better than Kramer when it's through!

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