Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Made Pumpkin's Halloween Costume *blush*

It wasn't really about the money. I would like to think the time I put into it is worth more than the $10 we would have spent on a costume during a sale or craigslist find. There was just something in me that wanted to try it. To see if I could.

The other part was knowing that I had this great orange fabric from a previous project. We made a cat sack that the cats couldn't have cared less about and that I was never brave enough to put straps on and use as a bag. Orange satin and faux fur are fantastic together!

We have a sewing machine (several years ago I was incensed that I had to pay $12 for a pair of pants to be poorly hemmed and bought a reasonably priced machine on amazon) and basic notion so it wasn't a matter or not having the resources. I had an idea in my head about how to make the body. Columbia gave me a little bit of free time last weekend and I just did it. It's far from perfect but it's made. Pumpkin has a costume for Halloween and we get the satisfaction of knowing that it came from my loving hands. That's a pretty sweet treat.

Here are the steps as they unfolded:

Planning out the body - getting the ideas in my head into a form that might allow me to construct it for her dimensions.

Trying the body
of the pumpkin on Pumpkin with the pants. Don't you love the fabric?!? The pants are from a pair of pjs my mom bought her.

Trying on the collar.
Making this little piece took much longer than the body of the pumpkin! I didn't have any green material, but I did have a green shirt of my grandfathers. When I was little I use to like to sit on his lap and play with the collar of the green shirts he always wore. When he passed my grandmother gave me 2 of them. I thought it would be extra meaningful to use one to make the collar. My only regret is how much material I wasted trying to get the collar to work.

The final shot - that one you'll have to wait for. You know, the one where she's in all of the pieces and ready for some Halloween fun. I have never been quite this excited for Halloween. =)

We did end up spending just over a dollar on a pair of Halloween socks from Toys R Us. They were on sale and we had a gift card. Plus, Pumpkin would need something to keep her feet warm.

We'll hopefully post that final shot tomorrow. Our Halloween treat for you. It's much better for you than candy anyway. ;)

Despite what the post might say, it was actually written by JC. Columbia is probably very capable of making a costume but did not attempt it... this year.


Free From Broke said...

That's awesome that you made the costume yourself! And it looks just like a pro outfit too. Making and taking care of stuff ourselves is an art form that's slowly dying in our country. Kudos for you!

JC said...

Awwww... thanks, FFB.! I was thankful as I was making it that it would not be getting judged by Michael Kors! I have been thinking a lot about DIY projects and have started a post on it. I'm not sure when it will actually get finished as it's not time sensitive and figuring out what to do with a teething Pumpkin is. Now if I can just keep her from drooling on the costume...

Alisa said...

Great job..! Super cute Halloween costume. Keep on the good work.