Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pitching the Menus

Google ads, don't you listen to our woe?? I went on this morning and saw an ad on A Home in the City for "Menutopia" -- serving menus to all places in the city. Why would you tempt us and our cost-minded readers with ads of encouraging the delivery boy to beat you??

Okay the truth is, sometimes you have to order in. I thought that JC's idea to get rid of the take-out menus was perhaps a little bold, but we should do as we say and we pitched the whole lot. A friend saw them in our recycling bag and looked at me like I'd lost my mind. He paused for about a second, and then said, "ehh, there's still menupages."

Even if you have no intention to stop ordering in, you can get rid of the clutter (binder / folder / pile / etc ) and go digital. Now if I can just stop them from sliding those tempting menus under our door we'll be all set.

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Anonymous said...

another option for ordering in is SeamlessWeb. all the menus are online AND you can order with your credit card online (no phone, no cash). it's an easy way to go digital for delivery