Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bravo Supermarket? Bravo, Indeed!

On my way home from work last week, I realized that there was yet ANOTHER chain grocery store on my commute: Bravo Supermarkets. I picked up an ad to check out with JC at home. Now, one might recall an equally promising discovery of Western Beef, a trip which ended in great sadness. Would Bravo be just another heartbreak to my tight-wadded longings? Could I recover from being as just another notch in Bravo's checkout belt? I couldn't resist. I put on my best game face and hit those sales like an 18-wheeler.

The ad lured us with the following stock-upables:

  • 5lb bag of flour for $1.79.
    The same sized bag for JC's delicious homemade bread costs $3.29 at Fairway.
  • 1 dozen Jumbo brown eggs? $1.50
    Fairway's jumbo white eggs rang up at $2.19 a week or so ago. Yikes.
  • Boneless Chicken cutlets? $1.99/lb
    Geez, I haven't bought chicken cutlets at Fairway in a looong time. I think they were $3.69/lb last time I checked. Probably past the $4 mark by now...
Fairway has been my go-to supermarket for the past 8 years. I love it. If something is to be found there, chances are it's good. It's an experience (to say the least). I enjoy knowing where most everything is hidden in this bizarrely laid out, ever-changing labyrinth*. But the fact remains -- Fairway is too expensive for just about everything, and rarely has published sales.
*Interesting sidenote: Have you ever tried to find regular black peppercorns at Fairway? They do sell them, but they aren't in either place you'd expect.

Wouldn't you know it, Bravo came through with everything I came for except some Baggies that were on sale. The store was clean, the meat looked good, and it wasn't overly crowded. It's near the train I take home, so I'd call this a win! Bravo for Bravo! If I needed more convincing, they won me over again at the checkout when they printed out my receipt using both sides of the paper! By using only half as much paper to print receipts, I'd have to tip my hat to their clever act of eco-responsibility.

I shopped at the Bravo in 90-30 Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights, NY (Between 90th & 91st St.)

As we speak, about 8 pounds of chicken are taking a cryo-nap until we choose to reanimate them. With the chicken alone, that's over $13 saved by not shopping at Fairway (given my rather conservative estimate of $3.69/lb.)

By reading this blog, one might think all we do is shop for food. I'd like to say that's inaccurate, but I'm actually writing this from the freezer section. Please don't stare. It's actually quite cold over here, and I'm regretting having worn such a light shirt today.

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Anonymous said...

i like BRAVO supermarkets is it so cheap clean beatiful, try to attended the customer pretty well and itns't far away from home.
i liked pretty much come and see!!!
located 90-30 rooselvelt ave. j.height queens.