Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bein' a dad isn't so bad (except that you gotta feed em')

Friday morning I saw a subway ad for "New York City Dads." It's a city program designed for (surprise surprise) dads in New York City. I figured, "hey that's me!" so I checked it out. The site communicates a message that's more and more prominent lately (or perhaps I just pick up on it more now): Reminding men that they need to be daddies and not just babydaddies.

I'd like to think that I am there for Pumpkin as much as I can be, but I could always be doing more. The site has a lot of great suggestions, including 100 free or cheap things to do with your child in NYC, separated by age group. "The Ultimate Playground Tour" certainly piques my interest; a toddler version of the pub-crawl, trying to monkey around on 21 central park playgrounds in one day. Oh I am so there... with Pumpkin, of course. Obviously.

If you're a NYC dad or know one who is, please share the NYC Dads site with them. And here are a few PSAs from The second one is pretty much my goal when I come home each day. :)

NYC Dads:

(Title from the Loudin Wainwright song, "Bein' a Dad". Thanks, Curtis!)

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