Monday, October 27, 2008

A Free Pumpkin - The Search Continues

For those who attempted to brave the rain for Saturday's Halloween Fest in Central Park, I hope that you made it out with a free pumpkin. We, on the other hand, waited for the rain to break a little, and arrived just in time to see street cleaners sucking up the last bits of straw from the "pumpkin patch." The early bird certainly got the worm. To add insult to injury, beautiful and fun jack-o-lanterns brilliantly lit up the walkways around the Mall, with volunteers scurrying to keep the flames alive.

It was a fun event, but alas, no free pumpkin for Columbia & Co.

Pumpkins have been given away for free at nearly every Halloween-themed event this year... Heck, it almost seems disrespectful to our fair city to pay for one. We, however, still don't have a pumpkin, and we can't find another event to score one of those hallowed gourds (or should it be hollowed?). If you know of any last-chance events, please tell us in the comments.

On the plus side, JC began work on a costume for Pumpkin. We'll post pictures on Halloween, but even in its early stages, she looks adorable in it!

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