Sunday, October 5, 2008

Western Beef... I wanted to love you.

Last time I rented a car, I had to put that go-stuff in it (gasoline? I'm not very auto-minded), and found myself searching West End Avenue for one of those gasoline stores. Wouldn't you know it, I found a Western Beef! Had I found a local, fully functional discount grocery store? (Note: They do not sell the gasoline. Don't even ask. Trust me.)

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I told JC, and we searched the ads, and wouldn't you know it, they have some stellar deals. Ground turkey for $1.39/lb, 99¢ for 2/lb bag of onions, $3.99/48oz of canola oil, Silk milk for $3/half gallon... We headed out.

When we got there, the sale stars faded from my eyes. No ground turkey... onions with fruit flies... misleading sale items... A sliver lining to this cloud was that the butcher was very nice and ground us up some turkey on the spot. Our walk of shame home had only a few things from our list.

Despite a somewhat disappointing first experience, I think we'd try Western Beef again. It was kinda a schlep and not nearly as amazing an experience as I was hoping for. But if the deals were sweet enough, we'd consider the hike again.

Western beef has 21 locations in the greater NYC area. We went to the one at West 62nd and West End Avenue.

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